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Dingli Local Council

The first Dingli Local Council was democratically elected on the 19th March 1994. This Council was headed by Mr. Angelo Azzopardi, the first Mayor of Dingli.

1st legislature 1994 – 1996

Mayor   Mr. Angelo Azzopardi
Councillors  Mr. Andrew Caruana
                  Mr. Edward Caruana
                  Mr. Joseph Mercieca
                  Mr. Vincent Muscat

2nd legislature 1996 – 1999

Mayor   Mr. Angelo Azzopardi
Deputy Mayor  Mr. John Baptist Camilleri
Councillors  Mr. Peter Abela
                  Mr. Nicholas Muscat
                  Mr. Etienne M. Scicluna

3rd legislature 1999 – 2002

Mayor   Mr. Joseph M. Abela
Deputy Mayor  Mr. Geoffrey E. Tanti
Councillors  Mr. Peter Abela
                  Dr. Jacqueline Azzopardi
                  Mr. John M. Farrugia

4th legislature 2002 – 2005

Mayor   Mr. Joseph M. Abela
Deputy   Mayor Mr. John M. Farrugia
Councillors  Mr. Carmel Abela
                  Ms. Jacqueline Azzopardi
                  Mr. Sandro Azzopardi
5th legislature 2005 – 2008

Mayor   Mr. Ian Borg
Deputy Mayor  Mr. Joseph M. Abela
Councillors  Mr. Sandro Azzopardi
                  Mr. David Vassallo
                  Mr. Anthony Zarb

6th legislature 2008 – 2012

Mayor   Mr. Ian Borg
Deputy Mayor  Mr. Sandro Azzopardi
Councillors  Dr. Jacqueline Azzopardi
                  Ms. Connie Bonello
                  Mr. David Vassallo

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