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Door-to-door Collection of household waste - Domestic waste is collected from Monday to Sunday including public holidays. Collection starts at 5:00pm. The Council notifies the residents that garbage should not be left out earlier than one hour before it is collected.
Rubbish is collected door-to-door as usual. No accumulation of garbage bags in the road is permitted.

Bring In Sites - The Council has established Bring-In-Sites near the Football Ground and in Misrah Suffara Road (next to traffic junction). The Bring-in-Sites consist of four containers: blue for plastic, white for paper, brown for glass and black for metal. The public is encouraged to deposit separated waste in these containers.
Separated waste should be only deposited in these containers and not left around the containers. Your cooperation in keeping our environment clean is appreciated.

Bulky Refuse - For the collection of bulky refuse please phone during office hours on 21456060. The Council offers this service free of charge to all residents. If you have any query regarding the service do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not throw bulky items in the skips.

Internet – The Dingli Local Council offers the internet service at the local council premises, which will be open to the public from Monday to Friday during office hours. The access is free of charge and a printer is available. Assistance is provided throughout these hours.

Street Sweeping - The Council provides the service for the cleaning of urban roads. If you spot a street that needs sweeping do not hesitate to give us a call. Help us keep Dingli clean.

Dog litter - It is illegal to leave dog litter on public property. Persons leaving their pet litter on public property will be fined as per relevant Legal Notice.

Non-Urban Cleaning - Anyone spotting any rubbish dumps in the non urban (public) area of our locality please report to us giving exact details of the site. Site plans to help identify the area are available from our offices. If you have any bulky rubbish please use the bulky refuse service, DO  NOT dump in the countryside.

Collection of dead animals - Please call our offices for the collection of dead animals in public spaces (urban or non urban area). Please indicate exact location.

Maintenance of Traffic Signs and Road Markings - The Council makes sure that traffic signs and road markings are kept in good condition for the safety in our roads. Unfortunately, a lot of signs need to be changed continuously because of vandalism.

Road Maintenance
Maintenance of Parks, Gardens and Public Spaces- Parks, Gardens and other public spaces in the locality are maintained by the Council. It is not permitted to plant trees/plants in public spaces without the permit of the council, otherwise they will be removed immediately. Please help us keep our locality in a good condition. If you have any information/details about vandals/vandalism please report immediately to the Local Council or police

Public Conveniences - In our locality we have public conveniences located in Dahla tas-Sienja (next to local Council premises) and in Gnien il-Familja (Phase III)

Public Library - The library situated at St. Nicholas College, Primary School, Triq il-Kbira, Dingli, is open to the public
Winter (1st October – 31st May)        Wednesday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
                                                      Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Summer (1st June – 30th September)Wednesday from 11:00am to 1:00pm
                                                      Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Health Office- The Health Office situated at Triq Guzé Ellul Mercer is open to public on Monday from 7:30am till 9:00am, and Friday from 7:30am till 9:15am

Services for the Elderly

Kartanzjan - Persons loosing their Kartanzjan can report at the Council's office during office hours. We will apply for a new one (Copy of the id card will be needed)

Telecare Service - If you wish to apply for telecare service please contact us by phone or personally during office hours.

Permits from Local Council- Regulations of 2002 regarding Activities requiring a Local Council's permit
•    Placing of skip in public property
•    Placing of kiddie ride machines in public property
•    Deposit of building material in public property
•    Deposit and use of crane/high-up and machinery
•    Placing of tables and chairs in public property for catering services
•    Placing of kiosk
•    Occasional Entertainment
A fee may be charged according to the Regulations.
The Council may deem necessary to commission a Local Warden for the duration of works.

Trenching Works
All trenching works require a permit from the Local Council and other entities accordingly.

(TP6) Permit for Plant Maintenance and Street/Road Surface Repair Works not exceeding the total surface area of 5.00sq.m. and maximum of 1.5m in depth.

Applications can be obtained from the Council's office. A certificate from an insurance is required. Permit is then issued from the Local Council according to Legal Notice 313 of 2002.

(TP1) Permits for:
- the excavation of long trenches with a size over 5 sq m in surface area, by one and a half metres in depth
- road scarifying and resurfacing
- new construction of a road
- reinforcement of abutting road

An application for TP1 can be registered at the Local Council's office, at the Malta Transport Authority or any other entity. After the approval from various entities, the permit is then issued by the MTA according to Chapter 10, section 29 - Code of Police Laws.

Rents on Government property - Payment on presentation of invoice from the Lands Department can be made at the Council's office during office hours. An automated receipt is given for each payment.

Payment of Police and Local Warden's Contraventions - Payments can be made at the Council's Office during office hours. An automated receipt is given for each payment.

Lapel Badges
The Council has a limited number of lapel badges for sale for the fee of €3.50 each.

Volume 1 – Rahal f’Taqbida mal-Hajja by Alexander Bonnici – Fee € 5.82
Volume 2 -  Ir-Rahal li jikber u jiehu r-Ruh by Alexander Bonnici – Fee € 11.65
These can be purchased from the local Council's office.

Other services
Feel free to phone at the Council's office during office hours if you have any query.

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