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Verdala Palace

Cardinal Grand Master de Verdalle commissioned the Verdala Castle, and it stands on a hard rock overlooking the Boshetto, from which he could see nearly all his archipelago.

The design of the three-story castle is credited to Gerolamo Cassar and construction began in 1586. Initially, all the castle's stone was quarried from the site and the excavations formed the existing dry moat. The castle is a quadrangular structure with an elegant turret at each angle. It is oriented in such a way that the sun shines on it at all hours during daytime. From the rooftop one can enjoy an extensive view of the island.

Inside the main door there is a marble bust of Cardinal Grand Master de Verdalle.

The ceiling above the ground floor is by Paladini, whose frescoes show the high points of de Verdalle's illustrious life. Note the broad shallow steps of the beautiful oval staircase. In the adjoining hall are two chessboards carved into the stone floor. The bastioned towers are divided into passages, grim little cells and torture chambers for anyone who fell foul of the Grand Master.

Verdala Castle is today the summer residence of the President of Malta.

Verdala Palace

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