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Dingli War Shelters

Dingli is a locality with a number of underground  World War II shelters.  Located away from bombardment hot spots, thousands of refugees fled to Dingli.  There are 13 shelters that were probably hewn by the government for the people.  Complex number seven is foudn in one of the grounds of St Nicholas College, in Dingli’s Primary School.  It was cleaned by the local council and number of volunteers led by Mario Camilleri.

Clive Sammut and Godwin Hampton donated a number of war-related artefacts to be exhibited in the shelter.  An open day was organised during Jum Had-Dingli 2008 and amongst the war exhibits on site, one could admire part of an aeroplane, a cannon, a rifle, a motorbike and gas masks amongst other exhibits.  The shelter was excavated after Italy had declared war on Great Britain, on the 10th June 1940.  It was closed after the war and had remained untouched for over five decades.


War Shelters

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